The guy with the synth tattoo


Welcome visitor to the web- and portfolio page of Laszlo 'vincenzo' Vincze aka. StrayBoom Music.

I'm the guy with a synth tattoo. My profession is to compose music and design sounds on every possible computer platform from 8 to infinite bits.
Started with a Commodore 64 in 1991, then later switched to C= Amiga and PC. Went through of SegaMegadrive, NintendoDS, Pokemonmini, Legoelectronic, and other interesting devices since then.
I can literally make some noise on anything that has a soundchip, or hasn't.

ACME, aka. Audioguy Creates & Makes Everything, everything-that-is-needed-in-a-video-game or at an event. Or at a concert. Doesn'tmatter, if it needs audio – I can do it.

Keywords of expertise: sound design, composing music, audio editing, post-processing, mixing, live mixing, designing video game audio systems, supervising, quality control, scripting, implementing audio, field recording, voiceover recording, coordinating recording sessions, building audio workstations, maintaining audio equipment. Are you still reading this..?

A brief list of projects I was involved in can be found below. Click. Clickety-click.